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Cincinnati Brick Sealing Contractor

Stop wind-blown rains from leaking into your home or building with Jaco Waterproofing.  We seal brick and masonry walls for both residential and commercial single and multi-story projects. With over 40 years of waterproofing experience, you will be sure to get a quality job done right. Our professional and courteous staff can recommend the right product for your job or apply the material specified.

Jaco uses Applied Technologies brick sealer.

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Sealing Brick and Masonry Advantages

Sealing the brick and masonry of your home or project will give it a long life.  The sealers that Jaco use will not alter the appearance of the substrate.  After application the sealer will;

  • Prevent efflorescence
  • Reduce moisture penetration
  • Limit mildew growth
  • Protect from de-icing salt attack
  • Reduce spalling

What We Protect

  • Brick
  • Glazed Brick
  • Artificial Stone
  • Concrete Block
  • Landscaping Masonry

How Jaco Protects Brick and Masonry

Jaco's professional applicators will seal and protect your masonry or brick with a penetrating siloxane. The siloxane bonds chemically to the pores inside and below the surface of brick and masonry substrates. This keeps liquid water from entering into the brick.

Since the siloxane penetrates deeply, UV rays cannot degrade the masonry sealer. The penetrating sealer bond is below the surface so it will have a much longer life expectancy than a surface coating.

Penetrating below the surface also means that high traffic areas like driveways and sidewalks will not lose protection from high use. Surface sealers remain on top of the substrate and are eroded from use. Also, the substrate will maintain its natural texture and sheen with a penetrating sealer.

What is Efflorescence?

The white, powdery layer that develops on brick and masonry surfaces is called efflorescence. It is caused by water penetrating the brick during rains. This water dissolves natural salts in the brick. When the weather dries out the water evaporates from the brick. Unfortunately, the salts that were dissolved in the water get left on the surface of the brick or masonry. When they accumulate they become visible as efflorescence.

Sealing your brick and masonry will eliminate this unsightly residue.

Brick Efflorescence Prevention

Sealing a brick structure with a breathable penetrating sealer will prevent efflorescence. The brick sealer will penetrate below the surface and bond to the brick or masonry. Liquid water will not be able to penetrate into it and dissolve the salts that cause efflorescence.

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Wind-driven rains can let water into your home. Jaco will seal the exterior brick of any project.