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Concrete Swimming Pool Crack Leak Repair

Our highly trained staff can repair the cracks in your inground concrete or gunite swimming pool and skimmer.

When concrete pools crack, water starts to leak out. This can cause erosion of the substrate under the pool, weakening the floors and walls of the pool.

Also, the water has to be refilled and over time this can be very costly. Having Jaco repair your swimming pool leak is a money-saving solution that pays dividends over the years.

Whether it is the bottom of the pool or a side wall, you are sure that your leak will be stopped.

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Man in dry swimming poll doing repairs

Inground Pool and Skimmer Leak Repair

Jaco can repair the concrete deck of your swimming pool also.  Uneven concrete, cracks and even sealing can be done by our trained staff.

  • Swimming pool concrete deck lifting and leveling
  • Concrete deck crack repairing and caulking
  • Swimming pool deck sealing
  • Skimmer leak repair

Swimming Pool Skimmer Repair

The skimmers can also crack and leak water. We can inject and repair these areas too.

Free Estimate for Swimming Pool Crack Leak Repair

Jaco's trained technicians can repair your concrete in-ground pool crack. We serve the entire Greater Cincinnati metro area.