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Cincinnati, OH Sunken Concrete Repair

Sunken Concrete Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Sunken concrete is a tripping hazard that can turn your property into a safety concern. Beyond just the physical risks, sunken concrete can impact the aesthetics and value of your property.

Jaco provides the local Cincinnati area with high-quality sunken concrete repair services. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule your appointment with our experienced, knowledgeable, and professional concrete experts.

Concrete sinking happens when the soil beneath the concrete slab can no longer support the weight of the slab. This is often attributed to soil erosion or settling beneath the surface. 

When the soil beneath concrete weakens or erodes due to changes in weather, poor compaction, or excessive moisture, it can cause the concrete to sink or settle unevenly. As a result, this can lead to tripping hazards, pooling water, or increased risk of structural issues.

At Jaco, we employ high-quality sunken concrete repair methods designed to restore your concrete to its proper height. 

What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Polyurethane injection is a popular method for addressing sunken concrete. The process drilling small holes in the concrete slab where a specialized polyurethane foam can be pumped. 

The polyurethane foam will expand to fill any voids, raising the concrete to a level position. The foam’s lightweight nature and ability to expand make it an efficient solution for stabilizing and lifting concrete.

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Mudjacking is the more traditional approach to sunken concrete repair. It is a similar approach to polyurethane lifting, with the main difference being the material used to lift the sunken concrete. 

In mudjacking, a slurry mix of water, soil, cement, and other additives is pumped beneath the concrete slab. This mixture solidifies and raises the slab back to its proper height.

Mudjacking is typically the preferred method in situations with larger surfaces or when cost-effectiveness is a priority.


While both polyurethane injection and mudjacking are highly effective ways to raise sunken concrete, they aren’t always permanent solutions. Factors such as the condition of the soil, weather changes, and ongoing erosion can impact the longevity of the repair

However, when professionally executed and combined with proper maintenance, these methods can offer long-lasting results. 

When working with Jaco, our team collaborates with you to determine the best possible solution for long-term results. Our approach involves a thorough assessment of the underlying causes of concrete sinking, which allows us to recommend the most suitable method, whether it’s polyurethane liftin or mudjacking. 

Get in touch with us today to start the sunken concrete repair process.

Is Sunken Concrete Repair a Permanent Solution?

Choose Jaco for Sunken Concrete Repair in Cincinnati

Let sunken, uneven concrete become a thing of the past with help from Jaco. We are a leading provider of sunken concrete repair across the Greater Cincinnati area. We provide detailed, professional solutions to your sunken concrete issues.

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