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Waterproofing, Foundation, & Concrete Services in West Chester, OH

Damages to the foundation, moisture seeping through the basement floor, and uneven concrete surfaces can pose significant challenges that demand the expertise of seasoned professionals. For reliable solutions to safeguard your property in West Chester, OH from basement and foundation issues, rely on Jaco. With a track record dating back to 1972, our team has been offering cutting-edge basement repair and foundation waterproofing services to homes and businesses.

Crawl Space Protection

The crawl space forms the foundation of your home, making it crucial to shield it from water damage that can lead to decay and compromised structural integrity. At Jaco, we specialize in crawl space waterproofing, implementing measures to prevent moisture infiltration and safeguard the area beneath your building. Whether you require vapor barriers or crawl space repair services in West Chester, OH, contact us for expert assistance.

Foundation Restoration

Over time, basements can encounter structural problems arising from factors like soil displacement, water pressure, or subpar construction. Jaco’s foundation repair services address issues such as settling, bowing walls, foundation deterioration, and more, utilizing our state-of-the-art wall stabilization solutions. Reach out to our team today for comprehensive information.

Basement Protection

Discovering water in your basement can be a distressing and nerve-wracking experience. With Jaco on your side, you can swiftly reclaim the joy of utilizing your basement space without worrying about water damage. Our basement waterproofing services typically involve applying waterproof coatings or sealants to the interior or exterior walls, installing drainage systems like French drains or sump pumps, and ensuring proper grading and landscaping around the foundation. Get in touch with Jaco for reliable basement waterproofing services, including:

  • Repairing Basement Cracks
  • Fixing Basement Leaks
  • Addressing Wet Basements
  • Resolving Basement Wall Leaks
  • Restoring Basement Concrete
  • Waterproofing Basement Cracks


Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are vital in collecting water that enters the basement and effectively expelling it through a discharge pipe. By managing water levels, they safeguard your basement from flooding, ensuring a dry environment and protecting your belongings.

Egress Window Installation

Installing egress windows serves a dual purpose: providing an emergency exit and allowing natural light and ventilation into your basement. Essential for finished basements, egress windows are designed to be spacious enough for safe exit and play a critical role in ensuring occupants’ safety by offering an alternative escape route during emergencies.

Window Well Installation

Complementing egress window installations, window wells serve as entry and exit points for your family and emergency personnel. Available in various styles and colors to match your home, window wells enhance safety and functionality.

Basement Solutions

Concrete Restoration

Uneven or sunken concrete slabs not only pose a tripping hazard but also detract from your property’s aesthetics. These issues typically arise when the soil beneath the concrete can no longer provide adequate support. Jaco offers solutions such as slab jacking or polyurethane foam injection to lift and stabilize the concrete, restoring its level position and overall appearance.

Concrete Installation

Concrete is renowned for its strength and durability, but achieving long-term reliability requires precise installation. With over 50 years of experience, Jaco possesses the expertise to install concrete surfaces and structures that withstand the test of time. Our services in the Greater Cincinnati area include:

  • Patio Installation
  • Driveway Installation
  • Driveway Extension
  • Stamped Concrete Installation
  • Precast Concrete Step Installation
  • Walkway Installation
  • Porch Installation
  • Garage Floor Installation
  • Basement Floor Installation


Concrete Sealing

Concrete’s porous nature renders it susceptible to moisture, stains, chemicals, and UV damage. Sealing your concrete is a vital preventive measure, preventing water penetration, cracks, and deterioration while extending its lifespan and preserving its appearance. For concrete patio, driveway, and sidewalk sealing in West Chester, OH, contact Jaco.

Brick Waterproofing

Our brick waterproofing services focus on safeguarding brick surfaces from water infiltration and damage. Starting with a thorough assessment, our team identifies the optimal areas for applying our specialized waterproofing coatings or sealants, forming an effective barrier against moisture. By preventing issues like efflorescence, spalling, or crumbling, this service preserves the structural integrity of the brickwork.

Concrete Repair

Jaco’s concrete repair services involve rectifying damaged, sunken, or deteriorated concrete structures. Based on the location and extent of the damage, we offer tailored solutions to restore the structural integrity and aesthetics of the concrete, preventing further deterioration and ensuring a safe and functional surface. Contact Jaco for all your concrete repair needs, including sunken concrete repair.

Concrete Leveling

Using polyurethane foam concrete lifting and mudjacking techniques, Jaco levels concrete slabs back to their original height and condition. Both methods involve injecting specialized materials beneath the concrete slab to raise and level it. Concrete leveling eliminates tripping hazards, improves drainage, and revives the functionality and appearance of the concrete slab.

Concrete Services

Foundation Restoration

Foundation repair is an essential service that addresses structural issues within a building’s foundation, such as cracks, settling, or deterioration. By identifying the underlying causes and implementing appropriate solutions, Jaco’s professional foundation repair services restore stability and prevent further damage. Contact us for reliable block foundation repair, block wall repair, and push pier foundation repair.

Foundation Stabilization

Foundation stabilization services focus on reinforcing and strengthening compromised foundations, preventing further movement or shifting. Our team employs foundation piering solutions, including foundation helical pier installation and steel pier lifting methods. By stabilizing the foundation, we eliminate the risk of structural damage, ensuring the building’s structural integrity.

Foundation Waterproofing

Whether your home has a basement, crawl space, or slab foundation, excess moisture can quickly damage the structure. Our foundation waterproofing solutions protect against water intrusion and prevent moisture-related issues. Depending on your property’s condition, our team recommends solutions like crack repair, waterproof sealants, or sump pumps. Foundation waterproofing safeguards against problems such as moisture buildup, mold growth, and basement flooding, preserving the integrity of the foundation and the overall structure’s health.

Foundation Services

Commercial Air Barrier

A commercial air barrier system fills cracks and gaps to prevent water or air from infiltrating the building. By reducing uncontrolled airflow, a commercial air barrier enhances energy efficiency and indoor air quality. This results in consistent temperatures, humidity levels, increased comfort, and consistently dry indoor conditions.

Sheet Waterproofing

Sheet waterproofing is among the most effective ways to protect commercial buildings from leaks and water intrusion. This versatile process involves installing waterproofing membranes or sheets to create a reliable moisture barrier. Sheet waterproofing is commonly used for roofs, foundations, basements, and other areas prone to water exposure, effectively preventing water intrusion and safeguarding the structure from damage.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is a durable and cost-effective solution for various concrete structures. It involves applying a cement-based coating to concrete surfaces, forming a protective barrier against water penetration. Cementitious waterproofing is commonly used for below-grade structures like basements or retaining walls, providing excellent adhesion to concrete and withstanding hydrostatic pressure. This effectively prevents water intrusion and protects the structure from moisture-related issues.

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing

Bentonite clay expands upon exposure to water, creating an impermeable barrier. This method involves applying bentonite clay panels or sheets to foundation walls or below-grade structures. Known for its self-sealing properties, bentonite clay waterproofing is highly effective in preventing water intrusion and protecting against potential leaks and moisture-related problems.

Drainage Composites

Drainage composites are frequently used to direct water away from specific areas, preventing pooling and water buildup. They are commonly employed behind retaining walls, under plaza decks, or alongside foundations. By redirecting water away from the building, drainage composites reduce hydrostatic pressure and protect the structure’s integrity.

Commercial Waterproofing Services

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