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Indianapolis, IN Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Services in Indianapolis, IN

Whether it’s your sidewalk, driveway, pool deck, or another concrete surface, sunken concrete can be a major issue that takes away from the beauty and safety of your home. Correct sunken concrete fast with polyurethane concrete lifting services from Jaco. 

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Concrete sinking is a common problem when the soil beneath it cannot support the concrete’s weight. There are several reasons why this might happen, so let’s walk through them: 

Natural Soil Settling

One of the main causes is the natural settling of the soil over time. As the soil compacts, it creates empty spaces underneath the concrete, causing it to sink.

Soil Erosion

When water washes away soil beneath the concrete, it leaves empty spaces that can lead to sinking. This can happen due to heavy rainfall, poor drainage, or even plumbing leaks. 

Freeze/Thaw Cycles

In colder climates, freezing and thawing cycles can also contribute to concrete sinking. As water seeps into the soil and freezes, it expands, creating additional pressure on the concrete which causes it to settle unevenly.

Tree Roots 

As trees grow, their roots can extend and absorb moisture from the soil beneath the concrete, leading to soil shrinkage. This can result in empty spaces forming and the concrete sinking as a consequence.

What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Sunken concrete may initially seem like a mere cosmetic problem, but the issues with sunken concrete often extend beyond aesthetics, including safety concerns and potential structural issues. While the visual aspect might be the first thing that catches the eye, understanding the broader implications is crucial.

One of the immediate risks associated with sunken concrete is the creation of tripping hazards. Uneven surface threaten pedestrians and can lead to accidents and injuries.

Structural integrity is another critical aspect. If left unaddressed, sunken concrete can lead to more severe problems. As the concrete sinks, it may pull away from adjoining structures, such as buildings or walkways, causing potential damage. This could result in costly repairs down the line if not addressed promptly.

Having your sunken concrete lifted as soon as you notice it can help you avoid more serious and expensive problems down the road.

Sunken Concrete Is More Than Just a Cosmetic Concern

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a popular and effective solution for addressing sunken concrete issues. This process involves drilling small holes into the surface of the concrete slab and injecting a high-density polyurethane foam into the holes. The foam expands to fill voids in the soil, lifting and leveling the concrete in the process.

One of the main advantages of polyurethane is that it is a lightweight solution. This means it exerts minimal pressure on the soil, reducing the risk of the slab sinking again in the future.

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a quick process, and the cured foam provides long-lasting support for the concrete. Give Jaco a call today to schedule your appointment in Indianapolis.

How Polyurethane is Used to Lift Concrete

While there aren’t any permanent solutions to sunken concrete, polyurethane concrete lifting can be a long-term solution. The dense, lightweight nature of polyurethane foam provides a durable solution that will keep your concrete slab at a proper height for many years.

Is Polyurethane Concrete Lifting a Permanent Solution?

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