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Waterproofing, Foundation, & Concrete Services in Indianapolis, IN

Since 1972, Jaco has provided reliable foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. Over the years, our team has grown to become one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Get in touch with Jaco today to schedule an appointment for commercial, basement, concrete and foundation services throughout Indianapolis, IN.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Excess moisture in your crawl space can lead to mold, structural issues, and other damage. With crawl space waterproofing services with Jaco, our team will assess your crawl space, identify potential issues, and implement effective waterproofing solutions such as vapor barriers, drainage systems, and sump pumps

With our expertise, you can ensure a dry and healthy crawl space, keeping your home and family safe from any further damage. Count on Jaco for crawl space repair and crawl space vapor barrier installation.

Basement Foundation Repair

Signs of foundation issues typically present themselves as cracks, bowing walls, or uneven floors. Your basement serves as the foundation of your home, and if issues develop, it could threaten the entire safety and stability of your home or business.

Jaco provides Indianapolis residents with basement foundation repair services that can help. Our skilled technicians will assess the extent of the damage, identify the underlying cause of the foundation damage, and implement the appropriate repair techniques.

Our team has proudly restored the stability and integrity of countless Indianapolis homes. Schedule basement foundation repair services with Jaco today, including basement wall stabilization solutions. 

Basement Waterproofing

Whether you’ve discovered moisture in your basement or you’re wanting to take a proactive approach, Jaco offers basement waterproofing services that will help your basement stay safe and dry for many years to come.

Our basement waterproofing services in Indianapolis include:

Basement Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are installed in sump pits that essentially serve as collection points for water accumulation in basements or crawl spaces. As the pit fills with water, the sump pump pushes water away from the home through a system of pipes, preventing water from entering the basement. 

Prevent basement flooding and water damage with professional sump pump installation services from Jaco. Our experts will evaluate your basement’s specific needs and install a high-quality sump pump system to effectively remove excess water and redirect it away from your home. With a reliable sump pump in place, you can have confidence that your basement will remain dry and protected.

Basement Egress Window Installation

Enhance your home’s safety and add natural light to your basement with basement egress window installation services from Jaco. Our Indianapolis-based team will assess the layout of your basement and install egress windows that meet local building codes.

Beyond providing additional lighting and ventilation, egress windows are required in habitable basements. They serve as an escape route in the event of an emergency, protecting your loved ones from potentially life-threatening situations.

Protect your family and enjoy the benefits of increased natural light and improved ventilation with egress window installation from Jaco.

Basement Window Well Installation

Compliment the installation of a new egress window by installing a window well. With your vision in mind, our team will design and install window wells that enhance natural light, allow for easy access, protect against water intrusion, and completely meet your needs.

With our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we’ll create a functional and visually appealing space while ensuring proper drainage and preventing potential basement issues. Our window wells feature built-in ladders to allow for a quick and easy escape in the face of an emergency.

Basement Services

Concrete Lifting Services

Shifting soil and erosion can cause concrete to sink. Our professional concrete lifting services are designed to correct sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. Using techniques like mudjacking or polyurethane concrete lifting, we pump specialized materials beneath the concrete to raise and level it, restoring its integrity, functionality, and beauty.

Concrete Installation Services

Whether you’re installing a new driveway, patio, or foundation, we provide comprehensive concrete installation services. From site preparation to proper concrete mixing and placement, we ensure a smooth and durable finish. We’ll consider factors such as the specific requirements of your project and the desired design and aesthetics to ensure a successful installation.

Reach out to Jaco for concrete installation services including:

Concrete Sealing Service

Concrete is a porous material that allows water and other substances to penetrate through, affecting its appearance and integrity. Protect and enhance the lifespan of your concrete surfaces with our concrete sealing services in Indianapolis. We apply high-quality sealants to prevent water penetration, resist staining, and improve the overall durability of your concrete, keeping it in great condition for years to come.

Our concrete sealing services include patio, driveway, and sidewalk sealing.

Brick Waterproofing Service

Over time, brick surfaces can experience damage due to weather and other factors. With brick waterproofing services from Jaco, we offer a reliable solution to protect your brick surfaces from water damage. We’ll apply waterproofing coatings and sealants to create a strong, sturdy barrier that prevents water intrusion, reducing the risk of structural issues and maintaining the integrity of your brickwork.

Reach out to Jaco for brick and masonry sealing waterproofing in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Concrete Repair

The most common concrete issues include cracks, spalling, and discoloration. No matter the damage that your concrete surfaces have experienced, our team can help. We use proven techniques and durable materials to restore the strength and appearance of your concrete, ensuring a long-lasting and seamless repair

Concrete Leveling Services

If one concrete slab is lower than another, it can create an uneven surface that not only looks unsightly but also poses safety risks. Jaco’s concrete leveling services in Indianapolis are designed to restore your concrete surfaces to their original heights and conditions.

Through mudjacking and polyurethane concrete lifting solutions, we can raise and level sunken concrete, providing a safe and even surface for your peace of mind.

Concrete Services

Foundation Repair

Your home is only as sturdy as the foundation it’s built on, so be sure to schedule repairs at the first sign of any trouble. When your foundation starts showing signs of damage such as cracks, settling, or uneven floors, acting quickly can save your home from serious damage.

Jaco’s foundation repair services are designed to restore the stability and structural integrity of your home or building. Our experienced team will thoroughly assess the foundation, identify any underlying causes of trouble, and implement appropriate repair techniques to ensure a solid and secure foundation for years to come.

Jaco’s foundation repair services include block foundation repair, block wall repair, and push pier foundation repair solutions.

Foundation Stabilization Services

If your foundation is experiencing signs of instability, such as bowing walls or uneven flooring, foundation stabilization services can prevent further damage and ensure the safety of your property.

At Jaco, we offer professional foundation stabilization services using proven and reliable methods. Our team will assess the specific needs of your foundation and develop a customized solution to effectively stabilize and reinforce your foundation, restoring its strength and preventing future issues. Choose Jaco for foundation stabilization and piering solutions. 

Foundation Waterproofing

Protecting your foundation from water damage is crucial in maintaining a stable and healthy structure. Our foundation waterproofing services at Jaco provide a reliable defense against moisture intrusion. We utilize high-quality waterproofing materials and techniques such as sealants, drainage systems, and waterproof coatings to prevent water from seeping into your foundation. By keeping your foundation dry and free from water-related issues, we help extend its lifespan and preserve the overall integrity of your property.

New Construction Waterproofing

Jaco excels in advanced waterproofing solutions for new construction, reinforcing structures against water intrusion. Employing innovative methods and top-tier materials, we establish strong defenses in crucial zones, including foundations, basements, and exteriors.


Foundation Services

Commercial Air Barrier

Commercial air barriers create a continuous, airtight barrier to prevent outside air and moisture from leaking into the building. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced materials and installation techniques to ensure a seamless air barrier system that enhances energy efficiency, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the risk of moisture-related issues, like mold and mildew. 

Count on Jaco to provide you with a customized air barrier solution that meets building codes and maximizes the performance of your commercial property. Schedule services in Indianapolis today.

Sheet Waterproofing

As the name implies, sheet waterproofing involves applying a sheet barrier made of various materials to surfaces including foundations, walls, and roofs. This method creates a tight seal and keeps water from reaching the inside of your building. 

Jaco’s sheet waterproofing services use durable membranes that protect against water infiltration and resist the damaging effects of moisture. With precise application and attention to detail, our expert team ensures a reliable sheet waterproofing system that safeguards your commercial property from costly water damage and extends its lifespan.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is a versatile waterproofing method that involves applying a cement-based coating to surfaces such as concrete walls, floors, and basements. This method provides a durable and seamless protective layer that resists water penetration, making it an ideal solution for commercial properties with exposed concrete surfaces.

For cementitious waterproofing in Indianapolis, turn to the experienced team at Jaco. We’ll apply high-quality cementitious waterproofing products, ensuring a strong and long-lasting barrier against moisture intrusion.

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing

Bentonite clay waterproofing is a natural and environmentally friendly method used to create an impermeable barrier against water. When the clay-based material meets water, it expands to create a watertight seal, effectively preventing water infiltration. 

This reliable solution is particularly suitable for below-grade applications, such as basements, elevator pits, or foundation walls. Count on Jaco to provide you with professional bentonite clay waterproofing to protect your commercial property in Indianapolis.

Drainage Composites

Drainage composites play a crucial role in helping you manage water and control moisture in your commercial building. Our drainage composite services include installing specialized materials that are designed to provide efficient water drainage and protection. 

These drainage composites create a path for water to flow away from the building, reducing hydrostatic pressure and minimizing the risk of water damage. With our expertise in drainage composite installation, we ensure proper water management and enhanced longevity for your commercial property.

Commercial Waterproofing Services

Schedule Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Services in Indianapolis, IN

Residents of Indianapolis, IN can turn to Jaco for industry-leading basement and foundation services. The team at Jaco is dedicated to providing you with exceptional services. We use tried and true methods to keep your property safe, comfortable, and protected from water damage and foundation issues.

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