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Concrete Slab Lifting in Indianapolis, IN

Concrete Slab Lifting in Indianapolis, IN

Whether it’s your sidewalk, driveway, or pool deck, a sunken concrete slab can be a hassle and even develop into a safety concern. At Jaco, we provide the Indianapolis area with long-lasting concrete slab lifting solutions.

Using advanced techniques, we can quickly and effectively lift sunken concrete slabs without the need for extensive excavation or disruption. Get in touch with Jaco to schedule concrete slab lifting solutions in Indianapolis.

Concrete slabs sink when the soil beneath the slab can no longer properly support its weight. This commonly occurs due to factors such as:

  • Soil Erosion: Erosion of the soil beneath the concrete slab can occur due to factors like water runoff, poor drainage, or even burrowing animals. As the soil erodes, empty spaces form beneath the slab, causing it to sink into the void.
  • Poor Compaction: If the soil beneath the concrete was not properly compacted during construction, it can gradually settle under the weight of the slab, leading to sinking or settling.
  • Water Saturation: Excessive moisture can weaken the soil’s load-bearing capacity. Over time, the soil may become compacted under the weight of the slab, causing it to sink.


A sunken concrete slab can be more than just an unsightly issue; it can pose safety hazards and further structural problems if left unaddressed. Contact Jaco today to schedule concrete slab lifting services in Indianapolis.

What Causes a Concrete Slab to Sink?

Jaco provides two concrete slab lifting solutions; Mudjacking and polyurethane concrete lifting.


The mudjacking process involves drilling small holes into the slab and injecting a mixture of specialized grout into the holes. This grout is usually a combination of water, soil, cement, and other additives. The grout will spread beneath the concrete slab and raise it back to a proportional height, increasing the stability of the slab.

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a similar process, but it involves using a specialized polyurethane foam instead of traditional grout. This foam is pumped beneath the sunken concrete slab through small holes drilled into the surface. As the foam expands, it fills voids, raises the slab to the desired level, and compacts the surrounding soil.

Jaco’s Concrete Slab Lifting Solutions

Whether mudjacking or polyurethane concrete lifting is chosen for your circumstance, both can provide a long-lasting and durable solution for sunken concrete surfaces. When performed by professionals and combined with proper maintenance, concrete slab lifting can offer a permanent fix that restores the integrity of the surface and mitigates the risks associated with uneven concrete.

Is Concrete Slab Lifting a Permanent Solution?

Contact Jaco for Indianapolis Slab Lifting Services

You don’t have to put up with a sunken driveway, sidewalk, or pool deck anymore. Jaco provides innovative concrete slab lifting solutions that can restore your surfaces to their original level and functionality. Our experienced team specializes in both mudjacking and polyurethane foam pumping techniques, ensuring we have the right solution for your specific needs.

Give Jaco a call or contact our team online today to schedule an appointment in the Greater Indianapolis, IN area.

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