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Steel Pier Lifting in Westfield, IN

Westfield, IN Steel Pier Lifting

A home is only as strong as its foundation, and if yours is starting to settle unevenly, addressing the root of the issue quickly is crucial to prevent further damage. 

Jaco provides steel pier lifting services in Westfield, IN, to reverse the effects of foundation settlement and ensure the stability of your home for years to come. Our steel pier lifting process involves carefully assessing the foundation’s condition, determining the optimal placement of steel piers, and using hydraulic equipment to lift and support the affected areas.

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Foundation settling occurs as the soil beneath the home moves or settles, leading to changes in the elevation and alignment of the foundation. Some degree of foundation settling is normal and happens to every home.

However, excessive or uneven settling can be a cause for concern. Not only will this cause cosmetic issues, but it can also lead to more serious structural problems. Excessive settling can compromise the integrity of the foundation, leading to potential safety hazards and costly repairs.

Is Foundation Settling a Bad Thing?

Being aware of the signs of a settling foundation can help you implement reliable solutions before further damage occurs. Look out for the following signs of settling, and contact Jaco if you have any concerns: 

  • Cracks in Walls and Floors: As the foundation shifts, it can cause visible cracks to form in interior and exterior walls, as well as in flooring materials such as tiles or hardwood.

  • Uneven Floors: Uneven settling can lead to floors becoming sloped or uneven, affecting the stability and usability of living spaces.

  • Misaligned Doors and Windows: Settling can cause doors and windows to become misaligned, leading to difficulty in opening and closing them properly.

  • Water Damage: Uneven settling can create gaps or openings where water can seep into the home, leading to moisture issues, mold growth, and potential structural damage over time.

  • Structural Weakness: Excessive settling can compromise the structural stability of the home, potentially leading to sagging or bowing walls, roof issues, and other structural problems.

Signs of Foundation Settling

Considering steel pier lifting to reverse the effects of a sinking, settling foundation? Here’s what to expect:

  • Initial Assessment: The steel pier lifting process begins with a thorough assessment of the foundation’s condition. This allows our team to determine the extent of the settling, identify any areas of concern, and plan the best approach for lifting and stabilizing the foundation.

  • Placement of Steel Piers: Once the assessment is complete, steel piers will be strategically placed beneath the foundation at specific points. These steel piers act as support columns that can help support the weight of the structure and lift areas that have settled or sunk.

  • Hydraulic Lifting: Hydraulic equipment is then used to gradually lift the foundation. This process is carefully controlled from start to finish to ensure even lifting and avoid putting additional stress on the structure. As the foundation is lifted, the steel piers provide support and stability, preventing further settling.

  • Reinforcement: Once the foundation has been lifted and leveled, the steel piers are reinforced to provide long-term support. This reinforcement helps maintain the stability of the foundation and prevents future settling or movement.

  • Final Inspection: After the steel pier lifting process is complete, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that the foundation is stable, level, and properly supported. Any adjustments or additional reinforcement needed are addressed during this inspection.

The Steel Pier Lifting Process

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Homeowners throughout the Westfield, IN, area can turn to Jaco for reliable steel pier lifting solutions. Keep your home safe and secure for many years to come with help from the experts at Jaco. Schedule an appointment today.

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