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Foundation Piering Services in Westfield, IN

Westfield, IN Foundation Piering

Your home’s foundation keeps the entire structure safe and secure. However, as the soil beneath moves and settles, you may start experiencing issues that can threaten the stability of your home.

Jaco works fast to deliver foundation piering solutions in Westfield, IN, that can stabilize and strengthen your home’s foundation. Get in touch with us today to request an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

Foundation helical pier installation is a reliable and effective method for stabilizing and supporting a home’s foundation. The process involves driving helical piers into the ground beneath the foundation, where they will reach stable soil layers that can better support the weight of the structure.

One of the key benefits of using helical piers is their versatility and adaptability to different soil conditions. Whether your home is built on clay, sand, or loam, helical piers provide optimal support. They are also suitable for both new construction projects and existing homes experiencing foundation issues.

The installation process typically starts with a thorough inspection of the foundation to determine the appropriate piering strategy. The helical piers are then installed using specialized equipment, such as hydraulic machinery, ensuring precise placement and alignment.

Once the helical piers have been installed, they will provide immediate stabilization to the foundation, preventing the foundation from settling further and eliminating any structural damage. They can also be adjusted and reinforced over time if needed, offering long-term reliability and peace of mind for homeowners.

Foundation Helical Pier Installation

Steel pier lifting is a reliable method for raising and stabilizing settled or sinking foundations. This technique uses hydraulic force to drive steel piers deep into the ground beneath the foundation, reaching stable soil layers or bedrock that can support the weight of the structure.

One of the primary benefits of steel pier lifting is its strength and durability. Steel piers are resistant to corrosion and can withstand heavy loads, making them ideal for lifting and supporting even the largest homes and buildings.

The steel pier lifting process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the foundation’s condition and the underlying soil. This assessment helps determine the number and placement of steel piers needed for optimal support.

During installation, hydraulic equipment is used to drive the steel piers into the ground at strategic locations along the foundation perimeter or beneath critical load-bearing areas. Once in place, the piers are securely anchored, and hydraulic jacks are used to lift and level the foundation to the correct position.

Steel Pier Lifting

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Whether it’s cracks in the walls, uneven floors, sticky windows, or any other issues from a settling foundation, Jaco’s foundation piering services can provide homeowners with a reliable solution. Get in touch with the experts at Jaco today to schedule an appointment for foundation piering services in the Westfield, IN, area.

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