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Commercial Waterproofing in Cincinnati, OH

Commercial Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati

Your employees and customers alike count on your commercial building to be a safe and dry environment. Jaco provides commercial waterproofing services in Cincinnati, OH, to help you maintain a comfortable and secure indoor environment.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 

At Jaco, we proudly provide best in class commercial air barrier services to businesses and other commercial properties in Cincinnati, OH. This ensures that your property is well-protected against air and water infiltration. 

Backed by our expertise and the industry’s most advanced techniques, we can create a durable and efficient air barrier system that enhances the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of your commercial spaces, while keeping water and moisture out. 

Our air barrier membranes can be applied to the building’s exterior walls, windows, and door openings to keep moisture from entering the building. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results that meet industry standards and regulations. 

Contact Jaco to schedule commercial air barrier services in Cincinnati, OH.

Commercial Air Barrier Services in Cincinnati, OH

Sheet waterproofing solutions offer an effective solution to protect your property from moisture intrusion and water damage. Built with durable and long-lasting materials, self-adhering sheets can be applied to various surfaces to provide a waterproof solution.

At Jaco, our team of experienced professionals utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to effectively safeguard basements, foundations, roofs, and other vulnerable areas of your property. We understand the importance of thorough surface preparation and proper installation, ensuring a seamless and watertight barrier against water infiltration. 

We’ll help you find the best methods to install sheet waterproofing membranes and ensure they’re installed properly. Schedule with our team today!

Sheet Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH

Cementitious waterproofing services provide a reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution. The process involves applying cementitious coatings and waterproofing compounds to the property in order to create a durable barrier against water penetration. 

Whether it’s in a basement, on a retaining wall, or applied to a concrete surface, cementitious membranes prevent excess water from entering your commercial property. 

When you work with Jaco, you’re choosing a team with the expertise to assess the condition of the property, identify vulnerabilities, and apply the most suitable cementitious waterproofing solution. Contact Jaco today to schedule cementitious waterproofing services in Cincinnati, OH.

Cementitious Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH

Among the best ways to ensure a watertight barrier that will effectively prevent water infiltration and protect your structures from damage, bentonite clay is an effective and affordable waterproofing solution. 

When bentonite clay comes in contact with water, it expands to create a dense and impermeable barrier, effectively sealing off any potential pathways for water to penetrate.

With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, the team at Jaco provides reliable and cost-effective bentonite clay waterproofing services for commercial properties in Cincinnati, OH.

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH

In areas that feature excessive rainfall, drainage composites are essential for managing water runoff, preventing hydrostatic pressure, and protecting your structures from moisture-related issues. 

 Drainage composites are typically installed beneath surfaces such as foundations, retaining walls, and green roofs to facilitate proper water drainage. Our team of experts is well-versed in the installation of drainage composites and can help you identify the best areas to install them.

We ensure proper integration of drainage composites into the building envelope, facilitating efficient water drainage and minimizing the risk of water damage. Count on Jaco to provide you with durable, efficient, and customized drainage composite solutions that meet your specific needs.

Drainage Composites in Cincinnati, OH

Contact Jaco for Commercial Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH

Properly waterproofing your commercial property can help you get ahead of issues before they even arise. Cincinnati is home to warmer months with heavy rainfall and colder seasons with excessive snowmelt. Make sure your business is prepared by scheduling commercial waterproofing services with Jaco in Cincinnati, OH.

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