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Polyurethane Concrete Lifting in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Any concrete structure, from your sidewalk to your driveway, can sink and become a major problem that affects both the appearance and safety of your home. 

Address sunken concrete quickly with polyurethane concrete lifting services from Jaco. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.

No matter the type of concrete structure, sinking can be a major concern, causing uneven surfaces, safety hazards, and even structural damage. The most common culprits behind sinking concrete include:

Natural Soil Settlement

Over time, soil naturally settles. When the soil beneath concrete slabs or structures begins to sink, it can create voids that compromise the stability of the concrete. This settling occurs gradually as the soil compacts, leading to empty spaces underneath concrete surfaces.

Soil Erosion

Water erosion can wash away soil underneath concrete slabs, leaving empty spaces that can no longer properly support the weight of the concrete. This can be caused by heavy rainfall, poor drainage, or plumbing leaks.

Freeze/Thaw Cycles

In colder climates like Cincinnati, freezing and thawing cycles can contribute to concrete sinking. Water seeps into the soil, freezes, and expands, exerting pressure on the concrete and causing it to settle unevenly.

Tree Roots

As trees grow, their roots can extend beneath concrete, absorbing moisture from the soil and causing it to shrink. This shrinkage can cause voids to form and concrete to sink as a result.

What Leads to Concrete Sinking?

When you first notice a patch of sunken concrete, it’s easy to brush it off as just a cosmetic issue. The problem can be bigger, however, as it creates tripping hazards and increases the risk of accidents.

Prompt repair and maintenance efforts can enhance the aesthetics of the property and ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

Safety Concerns With Sunken Concrete

Polyurethane concrete lifting is an effective solution for sunken concrete. The process involves drilling small holes into the concrete and injecting high-density polyurethane foam into the holes, which will expand to fill any voids and lift the concrete.

Polyurethane is lightweight, exerting minimal pressure on the soil and reducing the risk of future sinking. It’s also a quick process, providing long-lasting support for your concrete. While no solution is permanent, polyurethane lifting can provide long-term results.

Jaco proudly helps residents of Cincinnati, OH, keep their properties free from tripping hazards with our dependable polyurethane concrete lifting services. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us online today.

The Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Process

Handling sunken, uneven concrete requires the experience and knowledge of a professional. Jaco has years of industry experience and has helped countless homeowners enjoy beautiful, even concrete surfaces that are both safe and structurally sound. 

With a team of skilled professionals and a proven track record of success, Jaco is committed to providing top-quality concrete lifting services in Cincinnati, OH.

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No concrete issues are too big or small for the team at Jaco. Since 1972, our team has delivered high-quality concrete solutions that stand the test of time. Whether you’re dealing with minor settling or significant sinking, our polyurethane concrete lifting services are tailored to meet your needs.

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