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Is Concrete Leveling Worth It in Indianapolis, IN?

Have you noticed uneven concrete around your property, causing tripping hazards and eyesores? Homeowners throughout Indianapolis deal with this issue frequently due to soil conditions and fluctuating weather patterns. But is it worth it to have your concrete leveled, or is it better to ignore the sunken concrete slabs around your property?

In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s worth it to level your concrete in Indianapolis, IN.

Why Concrete Sinks

Put simply, concrete sinks when the soil beneath the slab is no longer strong enough to support the weight of the concrete. This can occur for several reasons, including:


  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil was not properly compacted during construction or if it has been disturbed over time, it may compress under the weight of the concrete, leading to sinking.
  • Excessive Moisture: Water can soften the soil, especially in areas with poor drainage or where water accumulates around the concrete. Softened soil loses its ability to support the concrete adequately.
  • Erosion: Soil erosion, whether due to natural processes or human activities, can remove the support underneath the concrete, causing it to sink.
  • Organic Material Decomposition: Decomposing organic material, such as tree roots or buried debris, can create voids in the soil as it breaks down. These voids can cause the concrete above to settle unevenly.


Why Concrete Leveling Is Worth it

While ignoring uneven concrete slabs might seem like the easier option initially, it can lead to more significant problems down the road. Here’s why concrete leveling is a worthwhile investment:

Prevent Injuries

Uneven concrete creates tripping hazards, especially for children and seniors. A fall can result in serious injuries, medical bills, and potential lawsuits if visitors are left injured. Concrete lifting proactively addresses these risks to create a safer environment around your home.

Save on Future Repairs

Over time, unaddressed settling can worsen, causing cracks to spread and become more prominent. This can lead to further structural problems and potentially expensive repairs. Concrete lifting stabilizes the slabs and prevents further deterioration, saving you money in the long run.

Increased Property Value

Sunken concrete detracts from your property’s curb appeal and can significantly impact its value during resale. Leveling creates a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface that enhances your home’s visual appeal and potential market value.

Protect from Water Damage

Uneven slabs can create gaps that allow water to pool and seep beneath the concrete. This moisture can lead to mold growth, foundation problems, and further settling issues. Concrete lifting creates a more uniform surface, promoting proper drainage and preventing water infiltration.

Quicker and More Cost-Effective Than Complete Replacement 

Replacing entire concrete slabs can be a lengthy, expensive process. Choosing to have your concrete leveled rather than completely replaced can save you both time and money, while still achieving a level, stable concrete surface.

Is Concrete Leveling a Permanent Solution?

While no solution will last forever, concrete leveling can last between 20 and 50 years. When done correctly using high-quality materials and proven techniques, like mudjacking and polyurethane concrete lifting, concrete leveling can provide long-lasting results. 

Factors such as soil conditions, drainage, and maintenance can also impact the longevity of the concrete leveling. Having the concrete inspected and maintained regularly can help extend the life of the leveled concrete, ensuring it remains stable and safe for years to come.

Choose Jaco for Concrete Leveling Solutions Throughout Indianapolis

From tripping hazards to reduced property value, uneven concrete slabs can cause many problems. Jaco is here to help you restore safety, beauty, and value to your Indianapolis property with our expert concrete leveling solutions.

Don’t let uneven concrete be a safety hazard or an eyesore any longer. Contact Jaco today to schedule an appointment and see how we can level your concrete and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.