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Common Signs Your Crawl Space Needs Waterproofing in Indianapolis

Indianapolis residents know that the area can experience a wide range of weather conditions, from heavy spring showers to snowy winters. Without having effective waterproofing solutions in place, your home’s crawl space can run into a variety of problems, from mold and mildew growth to poor indoor air quality and even foundation issues.

The waterproofing experts at Jaco provide solutions across Indianapolis and the surrounding areas that keep your crawl space protected and your home in optimal condition. Read our latest blog post below to help determine if the time is right to waterproof your crawl space.

Does Your Crawl Space Need Waterproofing?

From spring showers to seasons of melting snow, your crawl space can be vulnerable to moisture infiltration throughout the year. If you’re experiencing any of these issues in your Indianapolis area home, consider waterproofing your crawl space:

Musty Odors

A persistent musty smell lingering from your crawl space indicates moisture problems. This can lead to mold growth and poor air quality throughout your home.

Visible Mold

Mold thrives in damp environments. If you see mold on crawl space surfaces like walls, floors, or joists, it’s a clear sign of excess moisture that needs addressing.

Indoor Humidity

High humidity levels inside your home can be caused by a damp crawl space. This can create discomfort, exacerbate allergies, and contribute to mold growth.

Floor Rot

Wood exposed to continuous moisture will eventually rot. If you have uneven, bouncy floors above your crawl space, it could be a sign of floor joist damage caused by moisture.

Foundation Issues

Water infiltration in the crawl space can weaken your foundation over time. If you notice cracks in your foundation walls or sticking doors and windows, it’s important to investigate the source of moisture in your crawl space.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, Jaco can help. Our waterproofing solutions address the root of the issue to keep your home safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Benefits of Crawl Space Waterproofing

Considering waterproofing your crawl space? Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Protects Your Home’s Structure: A damp crawl space can wreak havoc on your foundation, floor joists, and other structural components. Waterproofing helps prevent moisture damage that can lead to cracks, rot, and even costly repairs.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality: Crawl spaces can harbor mold, mildew, and other allergens that get sucked up into your living space. Waterproofing helps control moisture, leading to better air quality and potentially reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • Reduces Energy Bills: A damp crawl space makes your HVAC system work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. Waterproofing helps create a more consistent environment, allowing your HVAC system to function more efficiently and potentially lowering your energy bills.

  • Keeps Pests Out: Damp crawl spaces are a magnet for unwanted critters like insects and rodents. Waterproofing helps eliminate moisture sources that attract pests, making your home less inviting to these unwelcome guests.

  • Increases Home Value: A dry and healthy crawl space is a valuable asset to potential homebuyers. Waterproofing can be a selling point and potentially increase your home’s value.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions in Indianapolis

Crawl Space Repair

While preventing moisture problems is ideal, existing damage in your crawl space needs to be addressed before waterproofing solutions can be implemented. Jaco’s crawl space repair services focus on restoring structural integrity and ensuring a healthy foundation for your waterproofing system.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Moisture can also enter your crawl space through evaporation from the ground. To combat this, Jaco offers vapor barrier installation. A vapor barrier is a specialized sheet material that acts as a moisture barrier. It’s typically made of plastic or similar material and is installed on the floor and walls of the crawl space.

Choose Jaco for Crawl Space Waterproofing Services in the Greater Indianapolis Area

Keep moisture out of your crawl space with help from Jaco. Since 1972, our team has delivered high-quality waterproofing and foundation repair services to homeowners in the Greater Indianapolis area. 

We understand that moisture intrusion can lead to significant damage, which is why we work quickly to deliver the reliable solutions with an emphasis on customer service. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule an appointment in Indianapolis.